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Axelerator’s smart library for AutoCAD Plant 3D already contains more than 6700 components and is continually updated with new components. At present the program includes different types of ball valves with accessories such as actuators, solenoid valves and several varieties of position indicator. The products are available in all selectable sizes to enable application regardless of pipe dimension and pressure class.

Components and combinations

Below you can see details of the components and possible combinations that are currently available in Axelerator. All components automatically adjust to the relevant pipe dimension and pressure class.

Component typeConnectionDimensionsManufacturerModelCertificatesPneumatic actuatorElectric acuator
Angle seat valveBSPDN10-50ParkerPAATEX
Ball check valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN40-600Castflow
Ball valveBSPDN8-80Altech2006
Ball valveWeld ends ISODN15-50Altech2012M
Ball valveLong weld ends ISODN15-100Altech2012NDL
Ball valveBSPDN10-50Altech2013M
Ball valveBSPPDN8-50End ArmaturenFWDVGW W570
Ball valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN15-300PekosAL25-PZATEX, TA­-Luft, SIL 3, FireSafe, EN161
Ball valveBSP and/or DIN/ISO weld endsDN8-100MarsAL35-55ATEX
Ball valveBSP and/or DIN/ISO weld endsDN8-100MarsAL35-77ATEX, TA­-Luft
Ball valveBSP and/or DIN/ISO weld endsDN8-100MarsAL35-88ATEX, TA­-Luft
Ball valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN15-50SafiAL20-B
Butterfly valveWafer (EN 1092-1)DN50-600ABOAL42ATEX, optional DVGW water
Butterfly valveLug (EN 1092-1)DN50-600ABOAL43ATEX, optional DVGW water
Butterfly valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN150-1000ABOAL42-A-2E3WRAS
Butterfly valveWafer and lug (EN 1092-1)DN50-300Altech
Butterfly valveWafer (EN 1092-1)DN50-1000SafiAL44ACS
Butterfly valveWafer and lug (EN 1092-1)DN50-1000Value ValvesAL45-91ATEX, Firesafe, TA-Luft, ISO 15848-1, SIL 2
Disk check valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN15-100VYC IndustrialAL53-170
Dismantling jointFlange (EN 1092-1)DN50-1000ErhardtBA85E000WRAS
Flow meterWafer (EN 1092-1)DN2-100SiemensMAG1100
Flow meterFlange (EN 1092-1)DN15-600SiemensMAG5100W
Gate valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN40-300ErhardtInfinityKTW W270
Gate valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN50-400TecofiAL13-42WRAS, ACS, EAC
Knife gate valveLug (EN 1092-1)DN50-800CYLAL48
Knife gate valveLug (EN 1092-1)DN50-500TecofiVBG4400-03
Needle valveBSPDN15ProhaProha
Needle valveBSPDN8-50VYC IndustrialAL75-147
Nozzle check valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN80-600ErhardtBA43E000KTW, W270
Piston check valveBSPDN8-50VYC IndustrialAL54-179
Rubber compensatorFlange (EN 1092-1)DN40-1000StenflexAL84-A1ACS, WRAS, Marine approval
Rubber compensatorFlange (EN 1092-1)DN20-1000StenflexAL84-A2ACS, WRAS, Marine approval
Rubber compensatorFlange (EN 1092-1)DN20-1000StenflexAL84-A4ACS, WRAS, Marine approval
Safety valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN20-200VYC IndustrialAL65-496ISO 4126-1
Solenoid valveBSPDN10-80Parker7321BATEX
Solenoid valveBSPDN10-25Parker221G6ATEX, IECEx, EAC EX, SIL
StrainerWeld ends ISODN15-150Altech
Swing check valveFlange (EN 1092-1)DN40-500IMP ArmatureVM6500KTW, W270, WRAS, EAC

Continual development and improvement of Axelerator

We continually strive to develop and improve Axelerator still further. Do you have any suggestions or ideas regarding potential improvements, or would you like to implement your products in the system? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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