The next generation of 3D Planning Software

Axelerator is a solution that is revolutionising the market. With its library of smart components, automated processes and enormously time-saving features, Axelerator provides you with an optimal tool when working with 3D drawings for pipe installations.

Simple installation

Axelerator is an intelligent plug-in that can easily be downloaded under the “Download” tab. After you have installed Axelerator, simply open your CAD program to gain direct access to the toolbox and the library of smart components.

All metadata included

All components in the system are presented complete with metadata such as pressure class, weight, material, article number, etc. In other words, all the data you have previously needed to enter yourself is now already integrated in the configurator. No incorrect article numbers, pressure classes or other inaccurate data that could create problems in the project and cause issues for the client. With Axelerator, everything is correct from the very beginning, and the time you save gives you a head start in the project.

No more STEP-files

Never again will you need to spend time searching the suppliers’ own websites in order to find, download and convert STEP files for each product. Furthermore, Axelerator corrects your choice if you happen to select a product with the wrong dimensions or pressure class for your installation. The configurator enables you to configure the components directly in the program.

Convenient BOM-lists

When you have completed your drawing and design, you can create more flexible BOM lists as a basis for purchasing, with specification of the article numbers for all components. Not a minute wasted, no more incorrect orders, and more time available for other productive tasks. Simple, quick and convenient.




Time saving



Axelerate your business

Do you also wish to become more efficient in your work and save up to 98% of your time? With just a few clicks, you can become an Axelerator customer and gain access to our component library.